Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Memorials in the USA


Few Veterans will ever get to visit the many Vietnam Veteran Memorial sites located in States throughout the USA yet many wish they could. Fallen Never Forgotten: Vietnam Veteran Memorials in the USA gives everyone an opportunity to visually visit these memorial sites, find information and read the names of those who didn't return home and are remembered.  Fallen Never Forgotten is a thoughtful gift, a meaningful fundraiser item, and an enduring addition to any book collection. 12″x 9″ Hardcover.
RU Airborne Inc, 2016. Illus. ISBN:9780692605318

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The following is an excerpt from the Foreword,

by Ronny Ymbras

“The Vietnam War has the largest number of surviving veterans. It was one of our saddest and longest wars. We served in good faith and received no gratitude or recognition upon returning home. There were no parades, marching bands or hangar receptions. Each soldier, sailor, marine or flyboy came home in solitude and faced disgrace. We did not lose the war, we lost the will of the Country.

In this book “Fallen Not Forgotten” we try to pay tribute to many of the local monuments around the Country… we focus on the troops who never made it home… look up a name. It’s all there for you, the veteran and the American public who now honor these incredible veterans from a time that a Country was fighting against itself with these warriors in the crossfire of politics.”

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