Part four of the five part series Death From Above – A History of the Airborne Infantry – Bastogne, Market Garden and Normandy

Bastogne, Market Garden and Normandy

Normandy France June, 6 1944 jumps turn misery into miracles. Troops missing drop zones, drownings, shot out of sky and separated from there units pull off wonders of battle. Improvisations and the killing of a German General aids in positive outcomes.

Aug 1944 Operation Dragoon goes off with classic drop precision. Sept 1944 Operation Market Garden most objectives overcome quickly,17th, 82nd, 101st and British 1st Airborne Division take part. In the Pacific combat jumps on the island of New guinea get us closer to Japan. 11th Abn Div serves well. Dec 1944 The 101st fill the “hole in the donut” at Bastogne.holding off massive German numbers and assaults after Gen McAulliffe tells the Germans “NUTS” to a surrender proposal. March the last combat jump in Europe takes place with the 507th and the 513th taking part inside German, in “Operation Varsity”. Back in the Pacific the 11th Abn Div jumps in at the Los Banos prison camp and frees 2147 allied solders